Thermo Special Interest Group met on March 28, 2023 from 9:30 am till 11 am (Central European Summer Time).


  • Progress the specification of tests on Property Packages
  • Progress the errata and clarifications on Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification v1.1


AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), BASF (represented by Sergej BLAGOV), University of Cape Town (represented by Klaus MÖLLER), Michel PONS (Consultant as Chief Technology Officer). Apologies received from KBC (represented by Richard SZCZEPANSKI).


Thermo SIG aims at developing explanations on how Phase presence is dealt with on a Material Object. These explanations will be inserted in section 6.1 of the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification v1.1. Section 6.1 describes the methods of ICapeThermoMaterial interface.

Therefore, Thermo SIG has started an Errata & Clarifications specific to interface ICapeThermoMaterial within the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification v1.1.

Thermo SIG began the review of each method description to figure out if Phase presence is properly referred to or mentioned as part of each method.

Today Thermo SIG went through ClearAllProps, CreateMaterial and CopyFromMaterial methods. It appears that the notions of configuration of a Material Object and of state of a Material Object need to be better described since they are repeatedly used but not completely defined.

Clarifications were brought mostly to the description of CreateMaterial and CopyFromMaterial methods. With respect to Phase presence and Phase status, notes for both CreateMaterial and CopyFromMaterial methods are now referring to both while, so far, only values of Physical Properties were referred to in these notes. It is not expected these clarifications are modifying the interface specification. They just better reflect what has been implemented.


Picture of Sergej BLAGOV, BASF (2018)Picture of Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM)Any CO-LaN Member interested in the Thermo SIG activities is welcome to join this Special Interest Group. Contact the co-leaders of the SIG for further information: Sergej BLAGOV at BASF () and Jasper van BATEN at AmsterCHEM (). The Thermo SIG is looking for additional parties, well versed into any aspect of thermodynamics applied to process simulation and willing to contribute to the maintenance and development of CAPE-OPEN interface specifications related to thermodynamical aspects.