Thermo SIG met again on August 13 from 10:30  am till noon (Central European Time).

Outcome: the Custom Data interface specification document has been progressed to version 0.07 with finalizing Use Case 006 on “Persist custom data” (especially the decision process by a PME to persist or not custom data). A Microsoft Visio document is now available for the Custom Data interface specification. Use case diagrams have been developed as well as a component diagram. They have been inserted within the current document.

The current version of the Custom Data interface specification is available to CO-LaN members on the CAPE-OPEN IDL repository. Should you be interested and without an access to that repository, please contact Michel PONS (technologyofficer at


Picture of Sergej BLAGOV, BASF (2018)Picture of Jasper van BATEN, AmsterCHEM. 2020Any CO-LaN Member interested in the Thermo SIG activities is welcome to join this Special Interest Group. Contact the co-leaders of the SIG for further information: Sergej BLAGOV at BASF (sergej.blagov at and Jasper van BATEN at AmsterCHEM (jasper at The Thermo SIG is looking for additional parties, well versed into any aspect of thermodynamics applied to process simulation and willing to contribute to the maintenance and development of CAPE-OPEN interface specifications related to thermodynamical aspects.