address : 20 Crosby Drive

phone : +1 781 221 6400

Approval date : 13/05/2003

Aspen Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of software and services to the process industries. Driving improvements across the complex processes that lie at the heart of process company operations, AspenTech helps customers to achieve operational excellence, enabling them to increase their profitability and optimize their business performance. Our engineering solutions help companies design and improve their plants and processes, maximizing returns throughout their operational life. AspenTech’s manufacturing/supply chain solutions allow companies to run their plants and supply chain more efficiently, from customer demand through to the delivery of the finished product. AspenTech has been involved in the definition of the CAPE-OPEN standard from the beginning and continues to work actively with the CO-LaN (CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network) organization which now maintains the standard. AspenTech is an Associate Member of CO-LaN and has been a CO-LaN approved Consultant. AspenTech supports the CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation and Thermodynamics standards in its flagship simulation products Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS. The CAPE-OPEN standard makes it possible to develop Unit Operations and Property Packages that can be used by these AspenTech simulation products and by any other CAPE-OPEN compliant Simulation tool. Further, AspenTech has developed Wizard-style tools to help develop these types of software component more efficiently.

CAPE-OPEN related communication and work:

Within the first installment of Consultancy Services, Aspen Technology was approved as a CAPE-OPEN Consultant.

October 2002: Aspen Technology invited ATOFINA to speak on CAPE-OPEN at AspenWorld2002 in Washington D.C.

February 2004: Sergi SAMA and Daniel PINOL attended the 1st CAPE-OPEN European Conference in Skopau, Germany.

Paper on “Aspen Technology’s current and future support for CAPE-OPEN standards” at 3rd CAPE-OPEN US Conference

June 2018: review of proposal on economic dimension.