CACE vol 27 coverAuthors: Weifeng Chen, Zhijiang Shao and Jixin Qian

Reference: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, vol. 27, 2009, pp. 201–206


CAPE-OPEN (CO) is brought forward as the standard for the next generation of process system simulation platform. In this work, the IPOPT algorithm and interface developed by (Lang and Biegler, 2005) is extended. IPOPT is encapsulated and is embedded into Aspen Plus through Aspen Open Solvers (AOS) Interface. A scaling module based on starting point is developed for scaling the models from Aspen Plus before optimization. The validity of AOS compliant IPOPT is tested by solving the economic optimization problem of depropanizer and debutanizer multi-column system and the reconciliation problem of large-scale air separation system. Compatibility of Aspen Plus for CO solvers is extended based on AOS interface through COM technology. In order to demonstrate validity of the extended compatibility, CO compliant IPOPT is integrated with Aspen Plus. It is tested by the same examples as AOS compliant IPOPT. Further analysis is made on effect of model scale on efficiency loss since the introduction of CO.