Cover of International Journal of Greenhouse Gas ControlAuthors: Muhammad USMAN, Magne HILLESTAD, Liyuan DENG

Affiliation: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim 7491, Norway

Reference (APA): Usman, M., Hillestad, M., & Deng, L. (2018). International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control Assessment of a membrane contactor process for pre-combustion CO 2 capture by modelling and integrated process simulation. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 71(February), 95–103.

Abstract: “A membrane contactor process for pre-combustion CO2 capture from shifted synthesis gas originated from IGCC power plant is assessed from the technical and economical point of views. The process is designed as pressure swing absorption and desorption in a closed loop. The design basis for process simulation were synthesis gas containing CO2 and H2 only, and the CO2 capture efficiency was fixed to 90%. The CO2 gas was absorbed in ionic liquid [bmim][TCM] inside a hydrophobic, porous hollow fibre membrane contactor. One-dimensional mathematical model of membrane contactor developed in MATLAB was integrated to the process simulation software (HYSYS) through CAPE-OPEN simulation compiler. The energy evaluation of this process revealed that compressors are the most energy demanding process equipment…”

Comments: the researchers developed the model of a membrane contactor within MATLAB and plugged it into Aspen HYSYS using the wrapper distributed by AmsterCHEM for CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations written with MATLAB.