Cover of Computer Aided Chemical Engineering volume 40 (ESCAPE 27 proceedings)Authors: Edlira KALEMI, Linsey KOO, Franjo CECELJA

Affiliation: Centre for process & Information Systems Engineering, University of Surrey, Guildford GU2 7XH, UK

Reference: Kalemi, E., Koo, L., & Cecelja, F. (2017). A Semantic Repository for Model Integration in Biorefining. In Computer Aided Chemical Engineering (Vol. 40, pp. 2323–2328). Elsevier B.V.

Abstract: “Solving complex problems in biorefining associated with the process or unit design, process synthesis and analysis, or pure understanding the potential, heavily rely on modelling and simulation, the activity which remains implicit to the engineers who built them and hence limited to their use. The importance of model reusability, therefore, has been realised and the major contribution towards their interoperability and hence integration was provided by computer aided process engineering (CAPE) community (Belaud & Pons 2002). We argue that existence of a flexible, readily available and simple to use model repository is a precondition for model sharing and reusing and hence for model integration towards solving particular problems. This paper proposes a semantic repository which enables model registration, model discovery and concomitantly model integration. …”

DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-444-63965-3.50389-5

Comments: the authors recognize that CAPE-OPEN provides the interoperability mechanism which is needed to enhance reusability of any model. The authors also argue that a model repository is needed in order to organize model reusability. They are proposing such a repository. It is worth stating that within the Global CAPE-OPEN project, the concept of a model repository was also proposed but at that time the focus was on enlarging the scope of the CAPE-OPEN standard which came out of the CAPE-OPEN project and to develop implementations of the standard in commercial tools in order to grow up its use.

Relevant CAPE-OPEN citation:

Belaud J.P., Pons M., 2002, Open software architecture for process simulation, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 10, Elsevier, 847-852, ISBN: 0-444-51109-1