Logo of HoneywellPicture of Murugesh PALANISAMY (Honeywell Process Solutions)At the 3rd CAPE-OPEN European Conference, Murugesh PALANISAMY and Ensheng ZHAO from Honeywell Inc. gave a talk (PDF, 150 Kbytes) that described what is the level of CAPE-OPEN compliance in UniSim Design R360.

Picture of Ensheng ZHAO (Honeywell Process Solutions)With UniSim CAPE-OPEN as an extension to UniSim Design Suite, simulation solutions will be enhanced providing customers to access other chemical process models built based on the CAPE-OPEN interface standard. UniSim CAPE-OPEN comprises UniSim CAPE-OPEN Socket and UniSim CAPE Thermo Plug In. UniSim CAPE-OPEN socket allows any third party CAPE-OPEN compliant Thermo packages and Unit Operations to plug and play within UniSim Flow sheeting environment. For example, a complex unit operation model built using gPROMS can be plugged into UniSim steady state design suite with which process capabilities of gPROMS could be used. Further, UniSim flow sheet can also leverage other vendor thermo property packages likeInfoChem MultiFlash equilibrium package capabilities through UniSim CAPE Thermo Socket interface. Besides, UniSim’s powerful advanced thermo engine can be packaged and exported as CAPE compliant Thermo component and can be made available to other simulator vendor’s packages.

To support the above, the presentation contains no less than three videos for demontration purposes.

The first is a demonstration of UniSim Design UnitOp CAPE-OPEN Socket 1.0 with gPROMS CO Unit Operation. It takes us from the creation of the gPROMS CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation, i.e. a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation which models is created in gPROMS and exported from it, to the calculation of that model in UniSim Design.