ZJUOn January 30, 2006, CO-LaN Management Board has accepted the membership application of Zhejiang University.

The Intelligent Plant Group within the National Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, People Republic of China applied for Associate Membership on November 8, 2005.

This research group is involved in a project called Internet-based Virtual Factory Integrating Process Simulation with Enterprise Simulation.

The project intends to establish a virtual refinery that integrates process simulation with enterprise simulation and can be used by remote users through internet or intranet. In this virtual factory, process simulation platform, which contains hardware-in-the-loop simulation, provides an open environment for modeling and simulating various industrial processes, while enterprise simulation platform which consists of methods and tools for enterprise modeling and analysis, supports the running of MES and ERP software. Further more, virtual reality technology is introduced to develop the user interface of the system.

The project will develop an open modeling environment so that users can model any unit and equipment operations or enterprise business in a refinery. The project intends to use the CAPE-OPEN standards in order to offer the potential to couple different modeling tools more flexibly.

Welcome to Zhejiang University!