Logo of DTU CEREWithin the Department of Chemical Engineering of Technical University of Denmark, IVC-SEP is a research center specialized in phase equilibria and separation processes. Strong of 11 scientific co-workers and 12 PhD students, IVC-SEP has created an industrial consortium where Statoil, BP, Schlumberger, TOTAL, ENI, etc… are present.

IVC-SEP has been active for the past few years in CAPE-OPEN matters, making for example a Thermo System containing different models including PC-SAFT and Cubic Plus Association equations of state. In the spring of 2005, IVC-SEP began developing their first CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations. Future work will address CO2 absorber for CO2 capture.

Nicolas von Solms, Associate Professor at Technical University of Denmark represents IVC-SEP in CO-LaN.

Welcome to IVC-SEP!