On April 2, 2008, CO-LaN has offered a training course focused on the CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic interfaces and especially version 1.1 of these interfaces. The course was organized in Cambridge, UK just before the 5th CAPE-OPEN European Conference.The course instructor was Dr William Barrett from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Bill has been an instructor at the previous CAPE-OPEN course in Heidelberg (March 7, 2007) and in Salt Lake City (November 4, 2007).

The course outline was the following:

  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts (2 hours)
  • Overview of Thermodynamic Systems Models as Software Objects (4 hours)
    • CAPE-OPEN UML model
    • CAPE-OPEN interface structures
  • Use of CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic Systems in Process Modeling Environments (2 hours)

The course was attended by 10 participants.