Logo of RWTH - Aachen Lehrstuhl für Informatik VPicture of Matthias JARKEProfessor Matthias JARKE has announced today to CO-LaN that the Chair of Computer Science 5 – Information Systems at RWTH Aachen University (RWTH-I5) resigns from Associate Membership in CO-LaN.

RWTH-I5 has been an early partner of the CAPE-OPEN adventure within the CAPE-OPEN, Global CAPE-OPEN as well a the GCO Support projects funded by the European Commission. It is within RWTH-I5 that a CAPE-OPEN COM-CORBA bridge prototype was developed, that a collaborative website was developed to support work within these projects and further on, that research on various strategies related to component-based software architecture, a key aspect of CAPE-OPEN, was conducted with Jörg KÖLLER, Mareike SCHOOP, Alexander KUCKELBERG and Matthias JARKE being among the many people involved. Another important impact to the development of CAPE-OPEN is the conceptual modeling approach that RWTH-I5 advocated and helped put in motion within CAPE-OPEN.

Several publications leave a trace of the contribution RWTH-I5 made to CAPE-OPEN:

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While regularly keeping in touch with CO-LaN activities, RWTH-I5 has not conducted CAPE-OPEN related research for at least ten years. Professor JARKE is also about to retire so it felt like a good time to end RWTH-I5 membership in CO-LaN while wishing CO-LaN the best for its future activities.

Many thanks to RWTH-I5 for their contribution to CAPE-OPEN.