Logo of CO-LaN smallFollowing the Request for Bids 001 published in May 2001, CO-LaN Management Board has selected the company ADDUCE GmbH for the development of a tester for CAPE-OPEN Simulator Executives.

The Bid concerned the test of CAPE-OPEN Simulation Executives (COSEs) for compliance with 0.9-3 CO Specification for Unit Operations and Thermo/Phys Props. So far the CAPE-OPEN Tester has been designed as a basic PME for testing components. The idea is to make a software component (UNIT and THRM) keeping track of what happens between this component and a PME. A scenario will be manually played (or a script can be automatically played) and a report generated stating which method of which interface have been used and how the whole lot behaved. The COSE Tester will share the look-and-feel and report generation mechanism of the existing CAPE-OPEN Testers.