Logo of University of TriestePicture of Maurizio FERMEGLIADuring its physical meeting held in September 26, 2006 in Paris, the CO-LaN Management Board approved Associate Membership application from University of Trieste.

University of Trieste is represented by Professor Maurizio Fermeglia from the MOSE (Molecular Simulation Engineering) laboratory.

MOSE is a research structure aimed at developing computer-based techniques for the design of new materials, new processes (chemical, biochemical and environmental) and new life science applications. Specifically MOSE develops predictive models for the calculation of thermo physical properties for pure fluids and their mixtures, including molecular design of chemical compounds, investigates model application in the synthesis, design and control of chemical and biochemical processes, as well as organizes information in data bases and distribute it to the scientific community. MOSE is also involved in the development of teaching supports for the development of CAPE OPEN code and in the development of CAPE OPEN codes for environmental applications.