Important note
COLTT 2.3 will replace COLTT 2.2 during installation but all previous logs and configuration will be preserved.

What’s changed?
In the COLTT Viewer Filter lists now scroll allowing all Filter entries to be seen and included or excluded from the Filter.

When an operation results in a Windows error, the error associated error message will be reported in the log file.

COLTT logging now works for PMCs whose registry entries are surrounded by ” characters. Previously, PMCs registered in this way could not be logged.

Other changes

The COLTT source code repository has moved to

The COLTT development environment has been upgraded to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. This is a free version Visual Studio which includes support for all languages and libraries used in COLTT development.

The CAPE-OPEN IDL has been restructured to make it easier to create modifications. COLTT 2.3 references the restructured IDL. Not the restructured IDL is equivalent to the original IDL; restructuring has not introduced any changes.