COLTT (CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool) gives to everyone the possibility to intercept whatever communication takes place between a PME, most often a process simulator, and PMCs, such as Unit Operations and thermodynamic software components (Thermo Systems, Property Package Managers, Property Packages). This interception functionality is very helpful in pinpointing implementation issues in PMEs and PMCs. Developed since 2007 by CO-LaN, COLTT is continuously maintained and regular updates are produced. Version 2.1 is now released as of August 28, 2012.

The development project around COLTT is currently hosted by SourceForge.

V2.1 constituted an intermediate release of COLTT improving logging of a number of methods.

  • Method calls made by COLTT rather than by the PME or PMC are now labelled with COLTT as the object type in the log.
  • The element type for all array arguments is now checked on all logged calls. If the element type of an array is not as expected an error is logged but execution will continue.
  • Logging of CAPE-OPEN object names is improved so that use of “anonymous” is now minimized. This makes it easier to track object types with multiple occurences in a simulation such as material objects.
  • COLTT logs are now smaller due to the removal of entries where COLTT was logging its own behaviour rather than the behaviour of PMCs and PMEs. For example, log entries recording calls to “FinalRelease” are now removed.
  • Fifteen tickets related to bugs have been closed with this release.

CO-LaN recommends you to uninstall any previous version of COLTT and to switch to version 2.1.