An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members was called for December 10, 2015 and held by conference call. On the agenda:

– extension of CO-LaN duration till December 31, 2020

– change of CO-LaN registered address

– election to the Management Board

– designation of President, Secretary and Treasurer

Among the Full Members, were present Air Liquide represented by Philippe ARPENTINIER, BASF SA represented by Peter MAUER, BP represented by Malcolm WOODMAN, DOW represented by proxy through Malcolm WOODMAN, Shell Global Solutions represented by Richard BAUR.

The duration of CO-LaN was extended by five more years, till December 31, 2020. This decision shows the confidence the Full Members have in CO-LaN being able to deliver CAPE-OPEN to the industry. Articles 1 and 4 of the bylaws were modified to reflect this decision.

The new registered address of CO-LaN is now:

Centre de Recherche Paris Saclay, Direction Scientifique, Les Loges en Josas – BP 126, 78354 JOUY-EN-JOSAS Cedex, France

This is one of Air Liquide’s locations in France and this change is consistent with Air Liquide, represented by Philippe Arpentinier, taking the role of Treasurer. Article 3 of the bylaws was modified to reflect the new registered address.

All Full Members, i.e. Air Liquide, BASF, BP, Dow, Shell Global Solutions and TOTAL were elected to the Management Board with Shell Global Solutions, represented by Richard BAUR assuming the role of President and BP, represented by Malcolm WOODMAN, assuming the role of Secretary. All the Management Board members  expressed their thanks to Malcolm WOODMAN for his excellent delivery of the Presidential role in preceding years.