Logo og NTP TruboprovodOn July 4 Elena YUDOVINA, representative in CO-LaN of Associate Member Piping Systems Research and Engineering Co made a presentation at the All-Russian permanent scientific seminar “Mathematical models and analysis and optimal synthesis methods for growing piping and hydraulic systems”. It was the 13th event in this seminar series which started back in 1987. The seminar was hosted this year by the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

Elena YUDOVINAThe presentation covered what is CAPE OPEN, including the THERMO and UNIT interfaces, their current status and implementations (with special mention of Aspentech, HTRI, ANSYS FLUENT, ProSim and other software well known in Russia as practical examples). Also the HYDRO SIG and its proposed Hydrodynamic Point Model interfaces were explained, along with their current status and what is the involvement of Piping Systems Research and Engineering Co in the development process of these interfaces.

Great interest from the audience has been reported, with a lot of questions regarding different opportunities that CAPE OPEN gives, how it can be used, its licensing scheme and how can one participate to CO-LaN. There were about 40 participants, including six piping simulation and analysis software development teams (for different types of piping – process, oil and gas, utility networks etc) and one CFD software developer. The general opinion was that CAPE OPEN should be very seriously considered to be used in their software.

CO-LaN thanks Elena for making, many years after the first one, the second presentation on CAPE-OPEN in Russia and the first ever presentation in Russia about the HYDRO SIG activities.