Logo of 4th International Conference on Information Society and TechologyThe 4th International Conference on Information Society and Technology (ICIST 2014) was organized in Kopaonik winter resort, Serbia.

ICIST 2014 provided a venue for researchers and  practitioners from all over the world to present their research results and development activities, to exchange experiences and new ideas, and to establish the relationships for a future collaboration.

A paper from researchers at Université de Lorraine proposes a draft architecture for a software bus that deals with the interoperability challenges when having to interconnect, in a software platform, some software components/tools/methods/approaches for optimising energy efficiency.

The authors are analyzing the state of the art in order to identify candidate technologies for this platform to be developed in the framework of the French ANR Plate-Form(E)3 project. In their conclusion the authors propose a first architecture based on CAPE-OPEN standard.