Logo of ICS-UNIDOICS-UNIDO organized in Trieste, Italy from October 1 till October 3, 2001 an Expert Group Meeting on “The Role of Process Simulation for Sustainable Industrial Development”

UNIDO stands for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and ICS for the International Centre for Science and High Technology. UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. The International Centre for Science and High Technology operates within the legal framework of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and is located in Italy. ICS-UNIDO promotes research in science and high technology through grants, workshops, meetings, expert panels, training, networks and e-learning in areas such as chemistry, environment, health and new materials.

Tony PERRIS and Costas PANTELIDES presented there on “Component Software and Life-cycle Process Model: Global CAPE-OPEN and CAPE 21 Projects“.

Among the conclusions put together by the Expert Group, a number are relevant to CAPE-OPEN.

Topic: Future Trends in the Development of Process Simulation Software: Where are we Heading?

Answer: One of the most important new features of process simulation software is the concept of “component models” introduced by the CAPE-OPEN project. It is a common notion that this could possibility result in an improvement of the market, for the benefit of the users and it could open new opportunities for developing countries.

Topic: Thermodynamic Modeling: State-of-the-art, Points of Attention, Problems to be Solved

Answer: CAPE-OPEN standard will help “non experts” to use the best thermodynamic model for a given application: in this respect, the CAPE-OPEN project is very important for the future and it is strategic for developing countries.

Topic: Physical Properties Estimation System: State-of-the-art and Future Perspectives

Answer: Again, the possibility offered by CAPE-OPEN in this area is very interesting: the expert developers of the physical properties’ estimation method can supply software including code and metadata.

CO-LaN is especially thankful to Costas PANTELIDES for his involvement in the Expert Group brought together by ICS-UNIDO.