The Thermo SIG met from 10:30 am till 12:30 pm (Central European Time).

Agenda: Custom Data interface specification and Chemical Reaction Package interface specification.

Participants: Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM), Michel PONS (CO-LaN)

Outcome: the comments made recently on several points of the Custom Data interface specification were addressed. Previously we had defined terms and objects such a s a Custom Data Container and a Custom Data Source to describe the roles of these entities. The Use Case 004 about copying Material Object content was revised in depth in order to make it more understandable to potential readers. Copying of Material Object content may involve copying of Custom Data Containers and the rules to be applied need to be made explicit. This is particularly true when considering copying between different threads. Use Case 005 was developed on the transfer of custom data between different instances of Custom Data Source.

The glossary was improved in its definition of a Custom Data Source. The summary to the document was modified to better reflect the document contents. Minor modifications were made to the requirements section in order to make it consistent with the modifications brought to Use Cases 004 and 005. Same for some editing of the section pertaining to interface definition.

Next conference call of Thermo SIG is scheduled for February 27, 2018.