The Thermo SIG met on August 19 from 10:15 am till 12:15 (Central European Time) in order to progress the Custom Data interface specification document.

Outcome: Use Case 007 on de-persisting custom data was finalized. A quick review of the document showed that it was complete except for some small editing to be conducted out of the conference call. A review of the document will now be done within the Thermo SIG core group. Peer-review of the document will be conducted at a later stage together with the peer-review of the Reaction Package interface specification document. This latter document was progressed again: the chapter on true composition considérations was modified in the light of the document on Custom Data.



please contact Sergej Blagov or Jasper van Baten for further details :

  • Sergej Blagov
  • Jasper van Baten