Migration cookbook

A Migration cookbook (PDF, 112 KB) has been delivered by the Global CAPE-OPEN project to assist with migration of legacy software to the CAPE-OPEN standard. It addresses migration issues, strategies, methods and tools as well as experiences.


Currently, two Migrations wizards have been developed by CO-LaN and made publicly available that can be used for ” Unit Operation ” and ” Thermodynamic and Physical Properties ” component development. The Unit Operation software tool is implemented as a plug-in for Visual Basic 6.0 and guide a developer on the steps to be taken towards producing a CAPE-OPEN compliant software component.
On the CAPE-OPEN channel you may access a video showing the use of the Unit Operation Wizard.

Other Unit Operation Wizards are also available: one is for Unit Operations written in .NET (developed at MOSE), one for Unit Operations written in C++ (donated to CO-LaN by IFP) and one for Unit Operations written in FORTRAN 90 by ProSim (donated by TOTAL). Both the C++ and FORTRAN 90 wizards are available only to the CO-LaN membership. ProSim offers a training course to learn how to use the CAPE-OPEN FORTRAN Unit Operation Wizard.

Further more an open source Unit Operation Wizard for Borland Delphi (donated by SASOL) is publicly available from its SourceForge repository.