address : 368 56th Street,
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

phone : +1 (630)-655-0866

Approval date : 28/10/2009

The Vishwamitra Research Institute is involved in research and development in areas of mathematical modeling, optimization, uncertainty and risk analysis of large scale industrial, ecological, energy, security, and management systems. The Institute interacts extensively with various universities, industries and national laboratories in United States and abroad. The program focus is interdisciplinary and researchers (and students) address problems related to respective disciplines. Institute researchers maintain strong ties via co-operative research with industry, government, and academia. There are several mechanisms for outside organizations and agencies to initiate collaborative activities with the institute including membership programs.

CAPE-OPEN related activities:

In November 2006, at the 3rd CAPE-OPEN US Conference, Vishwamitra Research Institute presented their development of a CAPE-OPEN compliant multi-objective optimization capability for APECS at NETL. They also developed STOSIM as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation in Visual Basic 6 that exercises a process model in a stochastic way.

In November 2009, at the 6th CAPE-OPEN US Conference, Vishwamitra Research Institute presented their use of CAPE-OPEN technology for the Better Optimization of Non-linear Uncertain Systems (BONUS).

CAPE-OPEN related publications:

Karthik Subramanyan, Urmila Diwekar, Stephen E. Zitney, Stochastic modeling and multi-objective optimization for the APECS system, In Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 35, Issue 12, 2011, Pages 2667-2679