address : 368 56th Street,
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

phone : +1 (630)-655-0866

Approval date : 28/10/2009

Vishwamitra Research Institute has been using CAPE-OPEN technology for a few years now. In November 2006, at the 3rd CAPE-OPEN US Conference, Vishwamitra Research Institute presented their development of a CAPE-OPEN compliant multi-objective optimization capability for APECS Systems. They also developed STOSIM as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation in Visual Basic 6 that exercises a process model in a stochastic way. In November 2009, at the 6th CAPE-OPEN US Conference, Vishwamitra Research Institute will present their use of CAPE-OPEN technology for the Better Optimization of Non-linear Uncertain Systems (BONUS).

CAPE-OPEN related publications:

Karthik Subramanyan, Urmila Diwekar, Stephen E. Zitney, Stochastic modeling and multi-objective optimization for the APECS system, In Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 35, Issue 12, 2011, Pages 2667-2679