address : 3100 Wilcrest Drive
Suite 300
Houston, Texas 77042

phone : +1 713 978 7700

Approval date : 30/3/2005

CHEMCAD and Chemstations enjoy a long history, with the origins of CHEMCAD dating back over 40 years.

Nathan Massey, Chemstations’ president and CEO, and Dr. Mingder Lu, senior vice president, CTO, and lead CHEMCAD developer, started Chemstations in 1988. Today, Chemstations is headed by Steve Brown, CEO.

CAPE-OPEN related activities

CHEMCAD, as a Process Modelling Environment, is offering sockets for CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic Servers and Unit Operations.

CO-LaN thanks Chemstations for providing a license of CHEMCAD to conduct interoperability tests, for participating in 2016 to the review of the Errata and Clarifications document on the Persistence Common Interface.

Peter MIAO, then Development Lead at Chemstations, Inc., attended the 1st CAPE-OPEN US Conference.

Dr Armin FRICKE attended the CAPE-OPEN 2014 Annual Meeting as well as the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting.