cacevol14Author: Michel PONS

Reference: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, vol. 14 (2003), pp. 863-868, Proceedings of European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering-13.

Affiliation: ATOFINA Centre Technique de Lyon, Chemin de la Lône, BP32, F-69492 PIERRE-BENITE Cedex, France


Reaction models are necessary in the chemical process industries for a number of purposes which are most often related to the modeling, simulation and control of production processes: process synthesis, process simulation, plant optimization and production control are typically some of the domains concerned with the use of reaction models within unit operation models. To provide interoperability of reaction models within a number of software applications, a specific part of the CAPE-OPEN standard has been devoted to these simulation components called Reactions Packages. CAPE-OPEN Reactions Packages are described in terms of the interfaces that they must support, their interaction with a process modelling environment and the functionality they are expected to support. The interfaces defined support both kinetic and electrolyte reactions.

DOI: 10.1016/S1570-7946(03)80225-0