Logo of the University of ManchesterAuthor: Muneed NAWAZ

Affiliation: Centre for Process Integration, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester

Reference: Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Manchester, 2011

Abstract: “A demethaniser process is characterised by interactions between the complex distillation column and other flowsheet units, including the turbo-expander, flash units, multistream exchangers and refrigeration system. When a design problem dealing with demethaniser flowsheets is approached in a systematic way, the number of alternatives to be studied is generally very large. The assessment of all possible flowsheets with numerous options is a time consuming task with many simulations required to select the most economic option. This research presents a systematic approach for demethaniser flowsheet synthesis to generate cost effective designs with minimal time and effort…”

Comments: in a section numbered 3.2 and titled “Model implementation”, Muneed NAWAZ mentions CAPE-OPEN as an “effective integration of different modelling approaches”. However, throughout the research presented, including the link between MATLAB models and Aspen Hysys, the author does not seem to use CAPE-OPEN while it would have been possible rather than relying on proprietary interfacing between MATLAB and Aspen Hysys.

CAPE-OPEN related papers cited in text:

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