Affiliations: Research Center For Computer And Chemical Engineering, Qingdao Univ. Of Sci. And Technol., Shandong, Qingdao

Reference: Jisuanji Yingyong Huaxue, 2007, vol. 24, issue 7, 935-938

Abstract: “Rigorous dynamic model for batch distillation is established on the basis of reasonable assumptions,the model is divided into six sub-models according to the structure of batch distillation,including reboiler,tray,condensor,reflux,divider and product drum, vapor holdup on the tray is ignored,but liquid holdup is calculated.Then the Batch distillation simulation system is developed by C++ programming language using object-oriented technology according to Cape-Open standards,in which parameters and solutions of every sub-models are encapsulated in classes such as REBOILER,REFLUX,TRAY etc.4-Rank Runge-Kutta is used to integrate the differential equations,and the whole model is calculated from the bottom to the top step by step,i.e.from the reboiler to the product drum.The three-component mixture is illustrated as an example in the end of the paper,the simulation results show the dynamic per- formance of the mixture preferably during batch distillation,which shows the models are effective and reliable,and the developed sys- tem is steady.”