Cover page of Computers & Chemical Engineering volume 42Authors: Edrisi MUNOZ¹, Elisabet CAPÓN-GARCÍA², Antonio ESPUNA², Luis PUIGJANER²

Affiliations: ¹Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas, Jalisco S/N, 36240 Guanajuato, Mexico; ²Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ETSEIB, Avda. Diagonal, 647, E-08028 Barcelona, Spain

Reference (APA): Muñoz, E., Capón-García, E., Espuña, A., & Puigjaner, L. (2012). Ontological framework for enterprise-wide integrated decision-making at operational level. Computers and Chemical Engineering, 42, 217–234.

Abstract: “In the domain of chemical process engineering, there is an increased interest in the integration of the enterprise hierarchical levels for decision-making purposes. At the scheduling level, decisions on the allocation of tasks to resources, sequencing and timing of tasks must be managed. However, such decisions are directly related to other enterprise actions, such as control and planning, but they are difficult to coordinate because they are modeled at different time and space scales, and their goals are not the same…”

Comments: the authors are briefly referring to CAPE-OPEN when describing the integration of decision-making in enterprise structure. They state that “several standards are used in enterprises in order to improve their efficiency and flow of information, such as CAPE-OPEN,…”