Cover of Journal of Membrane Science volume 523Authors: Roda BOUNACEUR, Etienne BERGER, Marc PFISTER, Alvaro Andres Ramirez SANTOS, Eric FAVRE

Affiliation: LRGP-CNRS Université de Lorraine, 1 rue Grandville, 54001 Nancy, France

Reference: Journal of Membrane Science, Volume 523, 1 February 2017, Pages 77-91

Abstract: “Membrane processes are, together with cryogeny, absorption and adsorption, a key technology for gas separation applications. For simulation purposes, a constant membrane permeability hypothesis is most often assumed for each gas compound, for sake of simplicity. In this study, the incidence of variable (i.e. pressure dependent) permeability of gases or vapors through dense polymeric membranes on module separation performances or design is investigated through a simulation study. A dedicated computer software (MEMSIC) including multicomponent mixtures computations and extendable to Process System Engineering (PSE) softwares through a CAPE OPEN tool is described. The modelling approach offers, for the first time, a rigorous computation of transmembrane fluxes based on different solution-diffusion models (dual mode, Flory Huggins, ENSIC) for a set of absolute upstream and downstream pressure…”

DOI: 10.1016/j.memsci.2016.09.011