Logo of Revistas Ciencia IngenieraAuthors: César PERNALETE, Bradley TORRES, Argenis MORENO

Affiliation: PDVSA-Intevep

Reference: Revista Ciencia e Ingeniería. Edición Especial: “Jornada de Modelado y Simulación” pp. 1-8. ISSN 1316-7081


HDHPLUS® is a hydroconversion process which was developed in PDVSA Intevep, and offers a high vacuum residue con-version, generating a high volumetric yield into high-quality products like gasoline and middle distillates. Engineering pro-jects including HDHPLUS® technology require the plant evaluation using commercial process simulation tools that allow the fast prediction of the process behavior, generating required data for the completion of the equipment design in each stage of the project. This simulation initially requires the reactor products yield prediction by using proprietary mathemati-cal model, which are incompatible with the commercial process simulators. This situation generates a high data handling to make the proprietary models results compatible with the process simulator, so a lot of man-hours are demanded. Conside-ring the criticality of the plant simulation in the working schedule in an engineering project, the transformation of the mo-dels used for the prediction of the HDHPLUS® reactors yield was considered, in order that they could be compatible with commercial process simulators. In that sense, software components that implement such that models were developed, taking into consideration the “CAPE OPEN” international standards for the development of process engineering application. As a result, one file with “.dll” extension per each technology reactor were obtained, which once registered in the operative sys-tem are recognized by any simulation platform that is based on the CAPE OPEN standard. In addition, this development guarantee that the plant simulation is executed in a single working environment, so the time consumption in a critical wor-king process for refining major projects of PDVSA is decreased.

Full text: 3952-15282-2-PB