Cover of vol 2' of Chemical Engineering TransactionsAuthors: Edvaldo Rodrigo de Morais, Betania Hoss Lunelli, Ruben Ramirez Jaimes, Igor Ricardo de Souza Victorino, Maria Regina Wolf Maciel and Rubens Maciel Filho

Affiliation: State University of Campinas

Reference: De Morais, E.R., Lunelli, B.H., Jaimes, R.R., De Souza Victorino, I.R., Wolf Maciel, M.R., Maciel Filho, R. Development of an industrial multitubular fixed bed catalytic reactor as CAPE-OPEN unit operation model applied to ethene production by ethanol dehydration process (2011) Chemical Engineering Transactions, 24, pp. 403-408.


The ethene production by ethanol dehydration has been established as a promising production route. In this work a computer software simulation written in FORTRAN 95 for an industrial multitubular fixed bed (MTR), applied to this production route, is embedded in process simulation environment through a C#/.NET wrapper code. This wrapper code was developed in agreement with the CAPE-OPEN standards, allowing the MTR simulator to be used as a native unit operation component in any CAPE-OPEN compliant simulation environment.

doi: 10.3303/CET1124068

Full paper: Y11_CET24

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