Cover of Computers and Chemical Engineering, volume 20. Contains proceedings of ESCAPE-15.Author(s): Michel PONS

Affiliation: CO-LaN

Reference: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, vol. 20, 2005, pp. 283–288


CAPE-OPEN (CO) is an industry standards on interfaces between pieces of software commonly used in process engineering. CAPE-OPEN standards is supported, enhanced and maintained by the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN), a non-for-profit organization. CAPE-OPEN technology widens the application range of any CAPE piece of software and a number of software providers in the CAPE domain are eager to bring their software to CAPE-OPEN compliance. From the feedback CO-LaN received, CAPE-OPEN still remains a technology difficult to master quickly despite the efforts developed by CO-LaN so far. In order to overcome this difficulty, CO-LaN devised the CAPE-OPEN Consultancy Scheme where software developers received free consultancy support provided by CAPE-OPEN experts. The objective of this scheme is to catalyse faster development of CO compatible components. The first consultancy action proved the usefulness of the CAPE-OPEN Consultancy Scheme.

DOI: 10.1016/S1570-7946(05)80169-5