Cover of Computers & Chemical Engineering JournalAuthors: H.-H. MAYER, H. SCHOENMAKERS

Reference: Computers & Chemical Engineering, vol. 22, Supplement 1, 15 March 1998, pp. S1061-S1069.

Affiliation: BASF AG, D-67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany


CAPE, Computer Aided Process Engineering, is currently applied in industry as a common tool in certain phases of the lifecycle of a process. The understanding of CAPE is that it may be applied in every phase of the lifecycle as an integrated tool. In the contribution the status of present applications is compared with the possible application fields under different aspects, especially the availability of suitable software for computing tools, for databanks and for interfaces on the one hand and of the economy of any application on the other hand. It turns out that presently the application is established in the phases of process development and project management and is coming up in the phase of plant operation. Needs for further development exist for tools, for example for the insertion of units containing solids in process simualators and for the interfaces between different tools and databanks. Some activities like CAPE OPEN are started to overcome these limits.

DOI: 10.1016/S0098-1354(98)00211-7

Comments: the authors are describing a need for interfaces beteween software tools used in process simulation and modelling and are recognizing that CAPE-OPEN seems to fulfill progressively this need. This paper was presented at ESCAPE-8 in May 1998 (Brugge, Belgium).