In order to facilitate development and testing of CAPE-OPEN compliant software, CO-LaN maintains and extends continuously a logging tool specific to CAPE-OPEN interfaces. Within Phase IV of the tool development, version 1.06 is being released to the CO-LaN members. Apart from correcting a number of bugs, it features important new functionality:

  • COLTT now creates unique log filename for each run.of a PME when it is enabled to log communication between a PME and PMC.
  • When COLTT receives a proprietary interface call, it forwards the call after having logged the fact that it is not a CAPE-OPEN call.
  • COLTT now records function calls to ICapeCollection and ICapeParameter interfaces between a PME and PMC in the log file.
  • COLTT is now also able to log function calls to Thermo 1.0 Calculation Routine.

The above developments mean that COLTT usage has been simplified, that COLTT behavior is such that it does not change the interaction between a PMC and a PME, that additional information is logged especially for Unit Operations and that an additional class of PMCs can be logged.

Along these past few months, CO-LaN has also asked a 3rd party to audit the source code of COLTT. It has resulted in 100+ recommendations that are currently been budgeted and scheduled. Work on incorporating these recommendations in COLTT is expected to proceed during year 2008.