Logo of CO-LaN smallCOLTT 2.4 is released today by CO-LaN and provides the first release of a 64-bit version of COLTT (CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool). Since a number of PMEs and PMCs are now distributed in 64-bit, it seemed necessary to provide also a logging tool under that architecture.

So the release of COLTT 2.4 takes the shape of two installers, one for the 32-bit version and one for the 64-bit version. The 32-bit version under 2.4 is strictly equivalent to version 2.3.1 which was released earlier. Only the 64-bit version under 2.4 is completely new in terms of architecture but provides the very same functionality as the 32-bit version.

The two versions may be installed side by side and are independent one another. It means that the 64-bit version is unable to log communication through CAPE-OPEN interfaces between a 32-bit PME and a 32-bit PMC. The end-user has to make the right choice of COLTT version with respect to the architecture of the PME and the PMC on which COLTT is exercized.