COLTT 2.3.1 constitutes an intermediate release of COLTT improving on two issues with respect to COLTT 2.3, the first issue below recently reported by a user. The development has been conducted by Michael Halloran under contract from CO-LaN. All the modifications can be accessed on the repository of the COLTT project. At time of this Post, commit 328 is current.

While it is intended to do so, COLTT 2.3.1 will not always replace COLTT 2.3 during installation. You may be asked to uninstall any prior COLTT version before being allowed to install COLTT 2.3.1. In any case all previous logs and configuration will be preserved.

What has changed from COLTT 2.3?

  1. Upgrade to MS VS 2013 redistributables
  2. Remove .Net 2.0 check

All defects, open and closed, can be reviewed using the COLTT Tickets repository. Do not hesitate to report any issues or to propose modifications / enhancements.

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