COLTT 2.2 constitutes an intermediate release of COLTT improving logging of a number of methods. The development has been conducted by Michael Halloran under contract from CO-LaN. All the modifications can be accessed on the repository of the COLTT project.

COLTT 2.2 will replace COLTT 2.1 during installation but all previous logs and configuration will be preserved.

What’s changed?

1) Naming of objects in COLTT log files

There have been a number of fixes and improvements in the naming of logged objects to help track object interactions through a session.

2) Improvements to log file contents through a number of bug fixes especially for logging of CalcSinglePhaseProp, CalcTwoPhaseProp, SetProp calls.

3) COLTT Controller Improvements

A new check box in the Controller interface allows you to switch on error calling for any component being logged. When this option is used COLTT will call and log the CAPE-OPEN error interfaces whenever a method call returns an error. A change has been introduced in the registering of logged PMCs to make it more reliable.

All defects, open and closed, can be reviewed using the COLTT Tickets repository.

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