address : Av. Horacio Macedo, 2030 - Centro de Tecnologia
Bloco G - Sala G116
CEP 21941-972 - Caixa postal 68502
Cidade Universitaria / Ilha do Fundão - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

phone : +55 (21) 3938-8349

Approval date : 12/2/2009

Founded in 1963, by Prof. Alberto Luiz Coimbra, the Chemical Engineering Program (PEQ) was the first program of COPPE and served as an embryo for the Institution. Pioneer in graduate studies programs in Engineering in Brazil, PEQ has been an institutional model for many other Master’s and Doctoral programs.

Its basic mission is to form highly capacitated human resources, who are able to work in various segments of society, in order to collaborate in teaching, research, identification of problems and proposal of solutions for the innumerous challenges present in the modern world. PEQ has always kept the quest for excellence in the works it develops as its main goal. The masters and doctors graduated here have solid majoring in Chemical Engineering Sciences, with focus on solution of problems related to several socioeconomic impact areas, allowing the performance of activities in the industrial, academic and governmental sectors.

CAPE-OPEN related activities:

EMSO has been developed as a PME with a CAPE-OPEN interoperablity. At least two papers in scientific journals are describing the relationship between EMSO and CAPE-OPEN.

EMSO: A New Environment for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization

Modifications, simplifications, and efficiency tests for the CAPE-OPEN numerical open interfaces