address : Anaproc c/o Delft University of Technology
ChemE (Room 0.469)
Julianalaan 136
2628 BL Delft
The Netherlands

phone : +31-15-278 4316

Approval date : 7/3/2007

The Eurokin initiative was the basis of the company Anaproc.

Founded in 1998, Eurokin is a consortium of industrial and academic members whose aim is the implementation of best practise in the area of chemical reaction kinetics, particularly in the industrial environment. CO-LaN has been in contact early on with Eurokin to discuss the value of CAPE-OPEN for their research initiatives and Anaproc, the main consultancy contractor of Eurokin, has joined CO-LaN to follow the CAPE-OPEN activities and be prepared to develop CAPE-OPEN software components as needed.