address : Kalpataru Complex, 1st floor,
44, C.P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet,
Chennai - 600 018, Tamil Nadu

phone : +91-44-2454 2617

Approval date : 2/10/2004

Sim Infosystems Private Limited is an engineering consultancy company providing products and services in the area of Dynamic Simulation and Advance Process Control (APC). Today’s operator training simulator (OTS) solutions provide some of the most effective ways to train new operators, refresh the skills of experienced ones, and qualify or re-qualify all operators globally to retain knowledge, help ensure efficient operations, and avert potential disasters.

Sim Infosystems’s Associate Membership was originally under ProTechSoft Systems. But from June 2005, Simulation division has been dived off as a separate company – Sim Infosystems. Back in February 2010, Vaidyanathan RAMAN stated that “We are very much keen to work on integrating our simulation platform to CAPE-OPEN products. We can see that CAPE products are gaining great strength in unit operation models as well as themo.”.