CAPE-OPEN standard v1.0

The first public release of the document describing the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification dates back to March 2002 and is labelled as release 1.06. This document carries the logo of the Global CAPE-OPEN project since it was issued during that project funded by the European Commission.


In March 2008, the Thermo SIG released an Errata and Clarifications document pertaining to the March 2002 document.

A second Errata?

Prior to its public release, the Errata and Clarifications document was subject to a RFC process in February 2010 which did not gather really many comments from outside the Thermo SIG. Still the Thermo SIG reviewed carefully all the wording added to the document to ensure clarity and consistency. This Errata and Clarifications document led the way to a revision of the entire interface specification document which was authorized for public release in May 2011 as 1.08.007. This is not a modification to the original version 1.0 per se. For instance the IDL and the corresponding type library have not been modified. Expected behavior has been clarified but not modified in the remarks and notes added to the document. In a few places unncessary information was removed to prevent confusion. The new version gathers the feedback on many errors in implementations found here and there.