As the CAPE-OPEN standard supports two implementation models, one based on COM the other based on CORBA, it is desirable to have a technology allowing the user to combine components implemented using COM or CORBA. As the two standards are not compatible, a software tool is needed that establishes a platform for middleware interoperability. The COM-CORBA bridge you can download below was demonstrated at the final meeting of the Global CAPE-OPEN project. The demonstration scenario was the call to a Unix based CORBA unit from HYSYS designed for Windows COM components. As at this time HYSYS supported the CO standard version v0.9 only the bridge implements a mapping from CORBA IDL version v0.9.3 to COM IDL version v0.9. Using this tool it is possible to call any CORBA unit implementing the v0.9.3 interfaces from a COSE (or any other software) implementing the COM v0.9 standard.

The bridge is implemented using Visual Basic 6.0 and is distributed as source. After unzipping the file (with subdirectories) just load the VB project group and you will get an example client and the unit bridge itself in two projects. You will find bridges for all necessary interfaces including a two-way bridge for a Material Object (i.e. COM-to-CORBA and CORBA-to-COM).

Please note that you use the software at your own risk and that any commercial use (source or binary) is forbidden unless you have a written permission by the author.

Download the unit-bridge from the Repository project on examples.