Under funding from CO-LaN, a source code example has been developed in Visual Basic 6.0 for a Property Package and for a Property Calculator adhering to version 1.1 of the CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification. The example features the CAPE-OPEN layer that marshalls calls to the calculation routines and that receives results from the calculation routines. The calculation routines are routines supplied by Infochem. The source code for the CAPE-OPEN Property Package was originally developed by Infochem, then reworked by SHMA and finally reviewed by Infochem.

The Package provides a single thermodynamic model (a cubic equation of state) which calculates volumetric properties, thermal properties and fugacity coefficients. Simple models for gas and liquid viscosity are provided. The chemical compounds in the package include methane, ethane, propane, butane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, water, methanol, benzene, toluene, biphenyl and a heavy pseudo-compound C30+. The temperature-dependent pure compound properties supported are: heat capacity of liquid, heat capacity of solid, heat of vaporization, ideal gas enthalpy, ideal gas heat capacity, ideal gas entropy, surface tension, thermal conductivity of liquid, thermal conductivity of vapor, vapor pressure, virial coefficient, viscosity of liquid, viscosity of vapor, volume of liquid and volume of solid. The single phase properties supported are: density, enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs energy, heat capacity Cp, heat capacity Cv, logarithm of fugacity coefficient, molecular weight, speed of sound, viscosity, volume, derivatives of enthalpy w.r.t. temperature, pressure and mole number, derivatives of entropy w.r.t. temperature, pressure and mole number, derivatives of fugacity coefficient logarithm w.r.t. temperature, pressure and mole number, derivatives of volume w.r.t. temperature, pressure and mole number. Pressure-temperature and pressure-enthalpy flashes are supported.

The source code is made up of 5 files: COPP11Dec.BAS, Thrm11.VBP, Thrm11PC.CLS, Thrm11PC.VBP and Thrm11PP.CLS. Note that some DLLs are proprietary DLLs provided by Infochem: these are the actual calculation DLLs. An installation package is provided that will copy the DLLs to C:\Program Files\CAPE-OPEN\Example PropertyPackage folder, register the DLLs as needed, deploy the source files in C:\Program Files\CAPE-OPEN\Example PropertyPackage\Source folder.

Example of use of the Prototype Thermo 1.1 Property Package in COFE 1.13 is shown here.