The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN) promotes, develops, maintains, and improves the CAPE-OPEN standard that delivers seamless interoperability between computer-aided process engineering software.

CO-LaN, a member-supported organization, meets industry needs towards the expansion of process modelling capability. CO-LaN has a membership composed of companies, universities and individuals that are software vendors, developers, and end users, and is governed by its full members represented on the management board, including Air Liquide, BASF, BP, Dow, Linde Engineering and Shell.

The CO-LaN management board is looking for an energetic professional for a wide-ranging and rewarding role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Experienced in handling a large range of technical tasks and able to work independently, she/he will drive all technical aspects of the daily operations of the organization.

She/he will work as an independent contractor in a part-time position (up to 700 man-hours per year).

She/he is knowledgeable in: 

  • process engineering (with emphasis on chemical engineering),
  • process simulation and modelling,
  • software engineering, including programming (C++, Python, FORTRAN, and Java preferred)
  • communication and organizational skills.

As technology manager, she/he will:

  • contribute to the development and maintenance of the CAPE-OPEN interface specifications by supporting the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of CO-LaN,
  • conduct CAPE-OPEN based interoperability tests,
  • ensure the distribution of CAPE-OPEN standard and CO-LaN’s products,
  • manage software projects, at the request of CO-LaN management board,
  • build and maintain strong links with scientific and professional organizations, and
  • promote CAPE-OPEN by representing CO-LaN and giving presentations at major conferences.

She/he will work hand in hand with the CO-LaN office manager, organizing CO-LaN management board (monthly virtual, biannual face-to-face) meetings, CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings (e.g., looking for speakers, attracting participants, building the conference agenda, leading and moderating the conferences), providing technical content for the website and other communication channels.

To ensure a smooth take-over, a transitional period is planned between the arrival of the successful candidate and the departure of the current CTO.

If you are interested, and think your profile matches CO-LaN needs, send your application to the CO-LaN office manager ().

Download the job description below: