address : National Risk Management Research Laboratory
26 West Martin Luther King Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45268

Approval date : 5/11/2002

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or sometimes USEPA) is an agency of the U.S. federal government which was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment.

CAPE-OPEN related activities:

Bill BARRET leads the Methods&Tools Special Interest Group

Bill BARRETT attended the CAPE-OPEN 2016 Annual Meeting where he presented the report on the activities of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group between October 2015 and September 2016. Bill gave the course on CAPE-OPEN at Linde Engineering on October 7, 2016.

Bill BARRETT received the CAPE-OPEN 2008 Award while attending the CAPE-OPEN 2009 Annual Meeting.

Bill BARRETT was an instructor of the one-day short course organized by CO-LaN at AIChE’07 on November 4, 2007.

Bill BARRETT attended the CAPE-OPEN 2006 Annual Meeting.

ESCAPE-17/Computer Aided Chemical Engineering: An overview of the interoperability roadmap for COM/.NET-Based CAPE-OPEN