address : Via Vasco de Gama 15
50127 Firenze

phone : +39 055 4379027

Approval date : 11/6/2010

Struttura Informatica defines itself as a Software and Process Engineering Solutions provider. It has been for many years involved as a technical partner to some leading energy industries and research centres in Italy (the Research Dept. of ENEL, Italian former national electric company, ENEA and others), supporting them in the study and development of dynamic process simulation models of conventional and renewable sources power plants. As a result of these experiences Struttura Informatica has designed and developed its own platform, named ISAAC Dynamics, and a number of components and basic libraries addressed to some specific fields. Despite the development tool ISAAC Dynamics is a general purpose tool for the process simulation, modelling activity at Struttura Informatica is focused on some specific areas where it can take advantage of a deep competence matured with the long collaboration with the mentioned industrial and research partners.

Struttura Informatica is strongly interested in developing CAPE-OPEN compliant models by way of the ISAAC Dynamics platform and to upgrade it in order to manage CAPE-OPEN compliant externally produces models.