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CO-LaN membership (99 Members in August 2014) is organized in two groups: one gathers the industrial users of CAPE software which are Full Members of the CO-LaN (6). A second group gathers the providers of CAPE software (48), academic institutions (25), public and federal agencies (3), carrying out research activities in the field of CAPE, and other interested parties (17). In this second group, members are Associate Members.

Full Members pay annual dues, while Associate Members do not pay any dues.

To apply for a CO-LaN membership click here.

You may zoom the map into countries when those are clicked. The first click zooms into a region, a second click zooms into a country. Rollover on countries will display the name of the country. Rollover on points will display the name and if needed location of the CO-LaN member represented by that point. Yellow points indicate Full Members while orange points indicate Associate Members. Clicking on a point gives access to the home page of the CO-LaN member. Some members are so close geographically one to another that they are undistinguishable. Best viewed with Internet Explorer 8.

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