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CO-LaN approved consultants
Consultancy scheme ended on October 1, 2006

CO-LaN helps independent developers of Process Modelling Components (PMCs) and Process Modelling Environments (PMEs) to reach CAPE-OPEN compliance. For this purpose, CO-LaN had established a programme of CO-LaN Approved Consultancy Services by which organisations and companies with proven record of CAPE-OPEN technical expertise were partly funded by CO-LaN to assist developers achieve compliance. This programme is now terminated. Inquiries about support should be now sent to CO-LaN Chief Technology Officer.

CO-LaN funded up to two person-days of CAPE-OPEN consultancy for each development project of PMC or PME proposed by a Full Member and approved by CO-LaN Management Board.

The typical task for a consultancy was to support a PMC or a PME developer to migrate its software by providing technical advice. The following preconditions applied : (i) the developer showed CO tester results if such tester exists ; (ii) once developed, the to-be-migrated PMC or PME was made accessible to all Full Members of CO-LaN on commercial basis.

The following Consultancy Actions have taken place:

AixCAPE Shortcut Toolbox:

Results: debugged AixCape shortcut distillation Unit Operation in Aspen Plus.

ChemSep rate-based distillation column model:

Results: a number of Aspen Plus defects are being fixed as a result. Aspen Plus 2004 Cumulative Patch contains fixes to these defects.

SolidSim process simulation environment for solid containing processes:

Results: support work has resolved defects in the SolidSim UO. A SolidSim UO can now be embedded in a process simulator

CosmoTherm Calculation Routine:

Results: a CosmoThermo Calculation Routine can be used within any process simulator through the use of AmsterCHEM TEA Thermo System.


Results: IPOPT from Carnegie Mellon University can be used a NLP optimizer.

The links below provide information about all CO-LaN approved consultants.

- Aspen Technology

- Dr. Jean Pierre Belaud



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