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CO-Update and CAPE-OPEN Newsletter issues

The CAPE-OPEN Newsletter highlights recent developments in CO-LaN and CAPE-OPEN. Subscribe to the mailing list.

The CAPE-OPEN Update was a quarterly electronic journal that kept you informed about the latest developments concerning the CAPE-OPEN standard. It usually contained technical articles and discussions about recent developments. Publication was suspended in May 2006 and replaced by the CAPE-OPEN Newsletter.

Issue 11, May 2006 (HTML)         (PDF - 316 KB)
Issue 10, June 2005 (HTML)        (PDF - 1114 KB)
Issue 9, January 2005 (HTML)     (PDF - 932 KB)
Issue 8, April 2004 (HTML)     (PDF - 286 KB)
Issue 7, January 2004 (HTML)
Issue 6, September 2003 (HTML)
Issue 5, April 2003 (PDF)
Issue 4, November 2002 (PDF)
Issue 3, July 2002 (PDF)
Issue 2, March 2002 (PDF)
Issue 1, October 2001 (PDF)

Technical Notice : usually, you can view the CAPE-OPEN Update just by clicking on the hyper-link to the pdf-file. In some configurations just a blank screen may appear. In that case choose "save link target as" and save the pdf-file to your hard disk.

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