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CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN)

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The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN) is the internationally recognized user-driven organisation for the testing and management of the CAPE-OPEN standard. The standard defines rules and interfaces that allow CAPE (Computer-Aided Process Engineering) applications or components to interoperate. CO-LaN also helps to facilitate implementation of standard interfaces in commercial software.

The missions of the CO-LaN are:
  1. User priorities for CAPE-OPEN standards: work with software vendors to clarify user priorities for process modelling software component/environment interoperability and also to promote communication and cooperation among CAPE software vendors to insure that the CO standards actually translate into commercially valuable interoperability;
  2. Exploitation and dissemination: promote the CO standard to end-users and distribute CO information and technology internationally;
  3. CAPE-OPEN interface specifications life cycle management: organize the maintenance, evolution, and expansion of the specifications;
  4. Testing, interoperability facilitation: supply compliance testers to support development of components, organize interoperability tests between suppliers of PMCs (Process Modelling Components) and PMEs (Process Modelling Environments)
  5. Training/Migration facilitation: ensure that training modules, guidelines and tools to facilitate component wrapping are developed and available.

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  • Demos and Presentations: examples of running CAPE-OPEN software as .avi video files, and presentations in PowerPoint or PDF;
  • FAQ: frequently asked questions about the CAPE-OPEN standard and CO-LaN;
  • Member Subscribe: if you want to apply for membership;
  • Why Join?: a few reasons for you to join CO-LaN;
  • The Organization: who are the current members, how we are organized.

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